Why Vocal Projection?​

Vocal Projection is an important skill to learn, for anybody who needs to be heard. You might say, "Yes, but I can use a microphone", which is obviously true. But what happens when the microphone breaks, or there is some other technical issue? Or you simply cannpt be heard even with it - as happened at a wedding reception I recently attended Do you cancel the presentation? Or do you use your voice and control it so you can be heard clearly, even in a large auditorium, without shouting? We have methods and practices you can use to achieve this with just a little effort.

Also, within this training, you will be taken through some techniques to help you improve your enunciation, which is of vital importance for you to be clearly understood.


Whether you are presenting a sales forecast to your board, speaking to a lecture hall of undergraduates, giving your Father-of-the-Bride speech at a receeption, preparing for a performance of Shakespeare's  Hamlet, aiming to improve your acting skills  or working in telesales, we can help you.


Stanislavski and Shakespeare: 

Many people do not realise this, but these two Theatre practitioners have a great deal in common. Using extracts from such plays as Hamlet and Richard III, we will examine how Stanislavski can be instrumental in creating Shakespeare's characters,  how the Bard himself believed in the ideals Stanislavski devleoped, and how we can work these two amazing people together to create the characters the play needs.

Be heard, be clear, be understood.

Whether you're performing in a play, preparing an audition piece,  doing a  business presentation in an auditorium, speaking in a classroom or lecture hall, or even just talking on the phone, it is important that your listeners can hear you clearly, no matter how far from you they are. Whatever your situation, we have the workshop for you


You won't be sitting down for long, so bring loose comfortable clothing, because projecting your voice is founded on controlling your breathing, and to better achieve that, we will be doing some physical work.


 The Bard is rightly recognised as the world's greatest playwright, and in our workshops we will examine some of the amazingly advanced ideas he presented, and ways to analyse the text.

From looking at what he tells us about the characters in their speeches, to historical references. from his use of tempo to the magic of his words, we will explore the wonderous world of the Bard's imaginings and bring it to life!

Whether you are studying a particular play, looking to improve your general acting and/or directing skills or preparing a piece for audition, the Shakespeare workshops can help you.


Constantin Stanislavski is the father of modern theatre, and in this series of workshops we will explore his ideas and help you develop a better understanding of "the system".

The first thing you need to know is, this is NOT method-acting, This is the genuine SYSTEM which Stanislavski was constantly developing during his life. From The Magic "if" to "To Be", from Circles of Concentration to Emotion Memory, we will explore the various aspects of creating a real character and living the role.

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